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Day One

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DatePresentationViewing Status
2009/09/21 10:40:00 AMCOSATU 10TH NATIONAL CONGRESSWait for start
2009/09/21 10:40:00 AMOpening address by the COSATU President, Sidumo Dlamini Available
2009/09/21 11:30:00 AMKeynote address by the ANC President, Jacob ZumaAvailable
2009/09/21 03:30:00 PMMessage of Solidarity from Nelson MandelaAvailable
2009/09/21 03:45:00 PMAddress by the SACP General Secretary, Blade NzimandeAvailable
2009/09/21 04:45:00 PMPolitical report by the General SecretaryAvailable
2009/09/22 09:00:00 AMCOSATU 10TH NATIONAL CONGRESS Day TwoScheduled
2009/09/23 09:00:00 AMCOSATU 10TH NATIONAL CONGRESS Day ThreeScheduled
2009/09/24 09:00:00 AMCOSATU 10TH NATIONAL CONGRESS Day FourScheduled

Day Two

DatePresentationViewing Status
2009/09/22 09:00:00 AMAddress by the President of South African Confederation of Trade Unions (SACOTU), Joseph Maqhekeni Available
2009/09/22 09:10:00 AMAddress by the Deputy President of the Republic of SA, Kgalema MotlantheAvailable
2009/09/22 02:00:00 PMPresentation of the organisational report, by the General Secretary and the Deputy General SecretaryAvailable

Day Three

DatePresentationViewing Status
2009/09/23 09:30:00 AMAddress by the President of SANGOCO, Jimmy GotyanaAvailable

Day Four

DatePresentationViewing Status
2009/09/24 02:30:00 PMAnnounement of the NOBs election resultsAvailable
2009/09/24 03:15:00 PMClosing Address by the new COSATU PresidentAvailable
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